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Comm: Handyman by Cherry-the-ninja Comm: Handyman :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 2 2 Comm: Evan by Cherry-the-ninja Comm: Evan :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 3 0 Comm: Emma by Cherry-the-ninja Comm: Emma :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 3 0 Comm: Riq by Cherry-the-ninja Comm: Riq :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 4 0 Comm: Tesa by Cherry-the-ninja Comm: Tesa :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 2 0 Prize: In 2035. by Cherry-the-ninja Prize: In 2035. :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 4 3 Prize: Surprise hug. by Cherry-the-ninja Prize: Surprise hug. :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 2 0 Gift: Tabby (Mass Effect) by Cherry-the-ninja Gift: Tabby (Mass Effect) :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 5 2 Gift: Mio's little friend by Cherry-the-ninja Gift: Mio's little friend :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 4 0
Gift: Surprise visit.
-Heyo! This is a Christmas Present for my friend Kira! This will be set in the Pokemon universe and contain OC X Canon! I hope you like it and Happy holidays!-
-Kira's POV-

Friday December 20th at 8:06 pm. Jhoto Region. Boat Port. 
    As I got off the boat I just stayed on, I noticed Christmas lights all around. The boat dock looked amazing with all the lights. It reminded me of my old house when I replaced my lamp with some white Christmas lights. When I looked around, I could hear winter themed music hit my ear drums. I was humming to myself very softly without even noticing I was humming to the music. Making my way carefully across the port, I looked at all the "Stands" people set up. I gazed at each one, seeing if I noticed anything interesting. I soon found a Merchant who had old Pokemon nick knacks. I decided to buy some.
Friday December 20th at 8:12 pm. Jhoto Region. Boat Port.
    I shyly walked closer to the back of the line w
:iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 1 0
Prize: Zachary by Cherry-the-ninja Prize: Zachary :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 2 2 Gift: Sharing a scarf. by Cherry-the-ninja Gift: Sharing a scarf. :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 3 0
Comm: You are the real star.
~Hello! This is a one shot writing commission for Paradign! They wanted their two Oc characters in a cute little story! These characters belong to them so please do not use this story by any means or claim the characters. They all belong to the person I mentioned above! I hope you enjoy the story! Thanks for commissioning me!~

You know how couples usually do things as a team? Together? If you do then you also know that sometimes they even do silly things to make their partner happy. one of these people was a male named Paradign. He was a dedicated man who made his girlfriend Lorlei happy on multiple occasions. When she saw him, he world flipped upside down like she was in a dream. He was so wonderful to her that she never wanted to let him go. He was hers and only hers. Any other femal
:iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 3 6
Gift: Eveny by Cherry-the-ninja Gift: Eveny :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 3 5 Gift: I dont want to. by Cherry-the-ninja Gift: I dont want to. :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 5 3 Gift: Catalina by Cherry-the-ninja Gift: Catalina :iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 5 5


Extra-SD-Project Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep by oOFlorianeOo Extra-SD-Project Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep :iconooflorianeoo:oOFlorianeOo 16 4 Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Trio in action! by oOFlorianeOo Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Trio in action! :iconooflorianeoo:oOFlorianeOo 45 7 Voltron doodles by RosieKitten Voltron doodles :iconrosiekitten:RosieKitten 8 0
Art Raffle #2 [OPEN]
Hello, everyone!
Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3]  
Art Raffle #2! 
I happy that you're support me a long time! Hope you take partisipants on this raffle!
Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon 
You have to be one of my watchers +fav, new watchers are welcome, but please only watch me for my artwork!Fav this journal entry and write your number in comments~ You also can share this journal with ur poll/journal and give me the link (this gives you +1 number)What more number? You can ta
:iconallen-jiyu:Allen-Jiyu 44 89
Hugs 4 hunk by InsertSomthinAwesome Hugs 4 hunk :iconinsertsomthinawesome:InsertSomthinAwesome 118 44
Draw my Characters Contest!(Canceled)

It’s contest time folks! <3
It’s a draw my Ocs contest again!
$20 PayPal 
Any commission type from Manakete-Queen!
Under $2 commissions (OPEN)
One fully colored fullbody from kekerosene!
A fully colored fullbody from ExcellentRock!
-No using bases! It must be drawn by you!
-Nudity is allowed but must have mature content filter on!
-No tracing someone else’s artwork!
-(optional)Spread this contest around in a poll or journal.
-Blood and gore is allowed!
Here are my characters you’ll be drawing:
The the deadline is: 
February 1st!
You can offer prizes if you wish!
Good Luck everyone! <3 
:icondrunken-sa1l0r:DRUNKEN-SA1L0R 10 26
Art raffle (Ends in 3 days)
Hello guys so I'm gonna be doing a raffle! Because I have nothing else to draw 🙃
There will be 2 winners and 2 prizes
1st gets to pick which of these they'd like:
• 1 free animated chibi commission
• 1 free Bust/Waist commission
Here are the rules:
-Comment a number
-Don't comment a number that's already been chosen
-Don't go over 1,000
Sharing/tagging a friend is appreciated 😌
Sorry I can't put an example, I'm on my phone. Kindly check my gallery if you wish to look at examples.
:iconbunny-jan:bunny-jan 6 21
Poses set 4 by Sellenin Poses set 4 :iconsellenin:Sellenin 1,636 53 He's Outside The Law by Quarter-Virus He's Outside The Law :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 620 114 Nihlus turntable by yotyssup Nihlus turntable :iconyotyssup:yotyssup 33 15 Nihlus on Eden Prime by yotyssup Nihlus on Eden Prime :iconyotyssup:yotyssup 365 60
Oh? Request? Me?
And guess what, it will be open FOREVER (or until some people piss me off by not reading the rules and I close it :D)
-You must be watching me (Ignore this and I'll hide your comment)
-There is no limit to how many OCs you can ask for (if later you create more, then just edit the comment~) (Note that I will draw max 2 characters in 1 picture)
-When asking for fanart, BE SPECIFIC, not just "I want this character!" (Example: "Can I have a pic of ----- holding a giant sword while singing Macarena")
-I'll not do all of them! Sorry! (I might do more than 1 for one person)
-Most of them are going to be sketches!
-Also~ I'm doing this for free~ SO DO NOT PUSH IT
You must be comfortable with me using the drawings I do for you to be displayed as commission examples
Being said that, I'll take a while to make th
:iconchesle:Chesle 23 61
Finished commissions by Tarushka-OwO Finished commissions :icontarushka-owo:Tarushka-OwO 37 5 I'll Be Here - Hinata and Yachi by KomiAnimations I'll Be Here - Hinata and Yachi :iconkomianimations:KomiAnimations 5 0 Mass Effect: Lil' Chat with Mordin by PatchedTabby Mass Effect: Lil' Chat with Mordin :iconpatchedtabby:PatchedTabby 6 5 Pouting Cherry by Plenilunij-Lee Pouting Cherry :iconplenilunij-lee:Plenilunij-Lee 1 1



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United States
Hey everyone! I am Cherry! I like to draw! If you like my art and stories you can follow me here! I also have a Youtube and Twitter! A am starting a Youtube Channel soon with Lets Plays, Top 10s, Unboxings and more!

DA profile/Twitter/Youtube picture:


Nickname: Cherry

░█░░█░░█░░█░ Put This
░████░░████░ On Your Signature
░█░█░░░█░░░░ If You Role-play

I enjoy reading the bible!

put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrased
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian

John 3:16 - For God so loved the whole world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Remember God and Jesus Loves you

If you want to become a Christian follow this. Pray to God.

To become a Christian you have to admit your a sinner and your not prefect! You have to ask God for forgiveness! You have to believe God created the earth and all living things. You have to believe that he loved you so much he sent his son to die on the cross! You have to believe he died for you for everyone's sin and your own. You have to trust him! You have to believe all the things in the Bible. It is the one true book! Ask him to come live inside you! Ask him to guide you!

I hope one day you ask God to come into your heart and accept him as Lord and Creator. God wants us to go to Heaven. We can go there by becoming a Christian. He does not want us to go to Hell. If we get saved be Jesus, we do not go to Hell. He gives us a free will to follow him or not. He also gives us the Bible,the true book, to read. He also gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us when we become Christians. He loves us so much.


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